Saoirse Ronan made a formidable teen assassin in 'Hanna,' now the 'Atonement' star is set to sink her fangs into an artsy vampire flick for director Neil Jordan in 'Byzantium.'

She's also just signed to 'The Host,' based on 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer's novel, which is not about vampires, but aliens. The busy actress, alas, isn't able to make time for the lengthy 'Hobbit' shoot, thus leaving her growing geek movie checklist incomplete.

In 'Byzantium,' her character is turned into a vampire by her own mother (Gemma Arterton of 'Prince of Persia'); the pair then prey on their victims as a team, sometimes pretending to be sisters.

The original script is penned by Moira Buffini, who adapted this year's well-reviewed 'Jane Eyre.' The movie has a planned October start date.
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