The Tom Cruise / Val Kilmer action masterpiece 'Top Gun' turns 25 years old this week. A story of friendship and jet-flying, the movie also became famous for a very different, albeit unintentional, reason: the unexplained and really quite striking homoeroticism of a certain volleyball scene.

In an attempt to show up Kilmer's Iceman, Maverick (Cruise at his delicious prime) decides that playing volleyball against him is a good idea. Shirtless. Sweating. Wearing tight jeans. Sweating. It's ridiculous and sexy and iconic and confusing. Even Kelly McGillis couldn't figure this one out.

It's the quintessential unintentionally gay scene for all time. So, in honor of 'Top Gun,' Moviefone gathered some other scenes that (probably) didn't mean to be quite as homoerotic as they turned out ... in only the best ways possible.
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