Judd Apatow, expert creator of sentimental man-child bromance, proved he could carry his brand of well-made, bawdy comedy into a different realm this weekend with 'Bridesmaids,' which earned rave reviews -- it enjoys an impressive 89 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes -- and big box office. The film defied expectations to pull in over $26 million this weekend, silencing critics who didn't believe a female-driven comedy without the word "romantic" in front of it could hit it big in theaters.

A lot was riding on 'Bridesmaids.' It was reported that many studios were waiting to green-light any female-fronted films until the key first-weekend box office returns for the film were tabulated, a rumor Apatow confirmed in an interview with The New York Times.

"Sadly, I think some of that talk was true," Apatow told the Times. "There are a lot of female-driven comedies on the bubble at the studios, and they do look to measure how well these things do and what levels of interest there are in certain genres."
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