Who knew you could get so banged up making a movie where most of the characters are computer-generated? During Moviefone's visit to the 'Green Lantern' set last year, star Ryan Reynolds told us he suffered his share of injuries during the grueling 103-day shoot.

With 'Casino Royale' director Martin Campbell behind the camera, the action is surprisingly brutal for a comic-book flick. And the tone? Reynolds said it's far from campy, but "messy and real."

He told us that his "cocky, arrogant test pilot" character Hal Jordan, who ends up with an intergalactic green ring that gives him some "bioweapon-like" powers, is less sarcastic than wise-cracking Deadpool (from 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine') or Hannibal King ('Blade: Trinity'). But since his touchstone is none other than Han Solo, expect some trademark Reynolds sarcasm.

Reynolds was understandably exhausted on that last day of filming, but said he's game for more in 'Green Lantern 2.'