It's been a long ten years, but one of the true masters of horror returns to the big screen this summer. The mastermind behind 'Halloween,' 'The Thing' and 'Prince of Darkness' -- John Carpenter -- delivers a terrifying new batch of chills with his mental hospital-set thriller: 'The Ward.'

Amber Heard stars as Kristen, a troubled young woman who is committed to the isolation ward of an insane asylum. Trying to gain control of her memory and figure out how she ended up in the ward, Kristen discovers that a dark and mysterious figure roams the halls at night; one by one, the women committed to the institution begin to disappear. In order for Kristen to survive her stay, she must discover the horrifying truth of the ward.

For all the Carpenter fans that have been waiting patiently to get scared out of their shoes once again, Moviefone is proud to premiere the poster to John Carpenter's big screen return.

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