James Franco'127 Hours' is not just the name of James Franco's most celebrated recent movie. It's also about how long it would take you to watch every film he has in development, assuming they all get made.

The actor/writer/director/producer/scholar/artist/teacher is famous not just for his renaissance-man versatility but also for his eagerness to add item after item to the Jenga-like stack of projects in his inbox. The latest, announced last week, is a movie called 'Cherry,' in which he'd play a substance-abusing lawyer who becomes involved with a young porn starlet.

'Cherry' is one of about 20 movie projects Franco has in the works, either as star, writer, director, producer or some combination of those. Some of these projects are further along than others ('Rise of the Planet of the Apes,' for instance, is completed and due for release on Aug. 5). Others may never see the inside of a theater. But so far, these are the movies for which deals have been announced. Add them to Franco's course load in the half-dozen degree programs he's pursuing, the two classes he's teaching, his possible Broadway debut this fall, his visual arts and dance projects, his music videos and his frequent Funny or Die clips, and it's a wonder he can find time to eat or sleep. Here's what's on Franco's current to-do list.