Sure, 3D is nifty and all, but it's also expensive -- sometimes double the price of a 2D ticket.

That's likely the reason that 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' posted lower-than-usual box office from its 3D screenings, considerably down from other recent 3D films like 'Shrek Forever After' and 'How to Train Your Dragon.' In fact, revenue from 3D has been slipping ever since 'Avatar,' with more audiences choosing to see new movies in good old 2D.

Analyst Richard Greenfield of Wall Street's BTIG says that the high-priced gimmick is hurting the industry: "U.S. consumers are increasingly rejecting 3D movies," he said in a new report. He has a point when he says, "pricing remains our single biggest concern, especially with so many 3D movies aimed at the family segment."

By his calculations, theaters charged $14.85 a ticket to see 'Pirates' on IMAX 3D, $10.85 for non-IMAX 3D, and $7.60 for 2D. And there's also the fact that a lot of kids hate wearing 3D glasses. His advice: Hollywood should make fewer 3D films and "focus on making consumer-desirable films rather than worrying about the technology."
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