After finally pinning down Francis Lawrence of 'Water for Elephants' to direct and Jimmy Miller of 'The Other Guys' to produce, Columbia Pictures is currently looking at 'Minority Report' screenwriter Scott Frank to pen the script for their upcoming and long-awaited 'Houdini' biopic. Some of Frank's past works include 'Out of Sight' and 'Get Shorty' amongst others, which leads us to wonder where Elmore Leonard fits into the equation. Either way, the guy knows how to write and that's enough to get us interested.

The story of 'Houdini' is said to revolve around the famed escape artist Harry Houdini's relationship with a beautiful spiritualist who he becomes obsessed with after trying to debunk her supernatural claims. No word yet on a release date or who's set to play Houdini himself, but we've got our theories.

So what do you think about this latest development: are things falling into place, or is this a train wreck waiting to happen?
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