We've all been there. It can be exceedingly, even impossibly difficult to turn down that double tequila shot at last call. After all, the bartender says it's on him, and hey, tomorrow's Saturday anyway -- not like you gotta be at work in the morning, right?

Well, the shot may have been free, but you'll definitely be paying for it when you wake up and the throbbing in your head feels like invisible gnomes are testing the latest jackhammering technology somewhere inside your skull.

In honor of this weekend's release of 'The Hangover Part II,' we at Moviefone would like to give you our personal favorite flicks to help ease the hurt that feels like it'll never end. The following films go very well with tall glasses of ice water and multiple ibuprofens, and can best be viewed from the fetal position on your couch with a trash can in immediate reach.