From Popeater:

Taylor Lautner is making the leap from teenybopper science-fiction to full blown action star, but one person who won't be making that leap with him is his publicist, Robin Baum, of Slate PR. The 'Twilight' actor was in megastar company at the PR firm -- Slate also represents action and drama heavyweights like Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig -- before they told him to hit the road.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, it wasn't his performance as a client that landed Lautner in the doghouse, it was his daddy. The 'Abduction' star's father, Daniel Lautner, is reportedly one difficult stage dad for whom Baum had absolutely no tolerance.

Hoping to market Lautner as more than the 19-year-old kid that he is, Slate dropped the talent after only three months serving as his agency -- Lautner's dad proved to be too involved in the young actor's career choices.

Talk about daddy issues. But Lautner's papa better watch out, from what we remember the 'Twilight' hunk turns into a hulking werewolf when he's gets more than a little peeved.
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