If you can't trust squeaky-clean boy-next-door Jay Baruchel, who can you trust? Canada's favorite export stars as an overly friendly new neighbor in a Montreal 'hood that's being terrorized by a serial killer in 'Good Neighbors.' The eponymous neighbors, played by Scott Speedman ('Barney's Version') and Emily Hampshire ('The Trotsky'), are a little on edge and aren't sure quite what to make of their peppy new neighbor.

Likewise, Baruchel's character Victor doesn't fully trust the slightly creepy Spencer (Speedman), who may or may not be confined to a wheelchair, and suspects that Louise (Hampshire) may have some secrets of her own. So yeah, this serial killer really isn't doing much for promoting a sense of community and 'love thy neighbor' vibes.

Creepy neighbors are a classic movie staple. (And TV, too. Remember Wilson from 'Home Improvement'? Why wouldn't that guy ever show his face? What's he hiding?) Sometimes the creepy movie neighbors turn out to be kind of heroic a-holes, like Clint Eastwood in 'Gran Torino.'
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Good Neighbours
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Tenants living in Montreal's Notre Dame de Grace try to figure out who might be a serial killer. Read More