How do you explain the drastic difference between the awesomeness of the original Star Wars films and the complete suckitude of those awful prequels? Simple: The man who made 'The Phantom Menace' was not the real George Lucas.

That's the premise behind the hilarious 'George Lucas Strikes Back' trailer from Slick Gigolo. It all begins when Lucas contemplates making "smaller, more personal films." No sooner are those words spoken then he's abducted by ninjas. The director is then kept captive for the next 20 years and must watch in horror as a look-alike trashes his good name with "totally lame" prequels.

He vows to get even and makes his escape a la 'Shawshank Redemption.' The fan-pleasing moments keep coming as he rounds up some old friends, reveals his strategy is to "shoot first," and blows up villain Jar Jar Binks. At last!

If only it were all true. Watch the vid after the jump.
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