Six years after his entertaining and intimate debut feature 'Thumbsucker' hit theaters, graphic designer-artist-filmmaker Mike Mills returns with 'Beginners,' a personal exploration of his relationship with his father and the people who've touched his life.

Set in 2003, the film stars Ewan McGregor as Oliver, a graphic designer recounting the final years with his father Hal (Christopher Plummer), who at 75 reveals he's gay and has been diagnosed with cancer. Left with more questions than answers after his death, Oliver, with his father's adorable Jack Russell terrier in tow, meanders through life until meeting French actress Anna ('Inglourious Basterd''s Mélanie Laurent). Beginning a relationship with her, Oliver thinks back on his time with his dad while trying to understand the relationship his parents had; conflicted if love is really possible with Anna.

Here Mills talks about the plight of the indie filmmaker, why any similarities between he and his wife's work, artist-director Miranda July, is purely coincidental and how he feels about opening alongside 'X-Men: First Class' this weekend.
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