You didn't think we would forget about the men, did you?

While a bunch of you are busy ogling the lovely ladies of 'X-Men,' there's a whole bunch of us that would like to see more Cyclops, Gambit and of course, Wolverine.

The 'X-Men' movie series has already included the likes of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and James Marsden, but with today's release of 'X-Men: First Class,' you can add breakthrough stars like James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to the list of handsome heroes.

We've put together a list of the hottest guys from the world of 'X-Men.' Whether good or evil, all these men know how to handle a spandex bodysuit.
X-Men: First Class
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Mutants Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr begin as friends, but a situation tears them apart. Read More