Talking on the phone while a movie is playing has always been pretty annoying, but things have only gotten worse as more and more people's phones periodically light up as they send and receive text messages. Generally, theaters have policies against this behavior during the film, but enforcement of those policies can be somewhat lax.

Not, however, at the Alamo Drafthouse.

There, if you talk or text, you're getting kicked out, no questions asked. The Austin, Texas–based theater has long had a zero-tolerance policy on talking during the movie, which they have extended to texting, and as exemplified by recent events, they have absolutely no problem with enforcing their rules.

At a recent screening, a customer was warned twice to cease texting; she failed to do so and was asked to leave, without a refund. In a fortuitous turn, this customer turned out to be delightfully non-self-aware (and apparently not too Internet savvy, either), a trait she demonstrated by leaving a rather indignant voicemail for the theater describing her disgust at being ejected.

After the jump, you can listen to the message, which the theater has cleverly turned into the new centerpiece of its No Texting policy. (Language is NSFW, but there's a link to a censored version, too.)
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