Say hello to the four new recruits in Judd Apatow's comedic army.

Joining a star-studded cast that already includes Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in their respective roles as Pete and Debbie from 'Knocked Up' are Chris O'Dowd of 'Bridesmaids'; Lena Dunham of 'Tiny Furniture'; Wyatt Russell of 'Cowboys & Aliens'; and Charlyne Yi, who also had bit role in 'Knocked Up.' Not only has it been confirmed that Yi will be reprising her previous role, but it appears that O'Dowd and Dunham will be play employees at the record label that Rudd works at, Russell will play a hockey player, and we can also expect appearances from Albert Brooks and Megan Fox in some fashion.

While we still haven't heard what the upcoming movie will be about, we do know that Apatow's latest will be set in the world of his 2007 film, 'Knocked Up,' and may or may not be titled 'This Is Forty.'

No word yet on whether Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl will return, but hit the jump to see what Apatow had to say about why he decided to revisit the world of 'Knocked Up.'
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