At the risk of being stoned to death, we're not quite sure about the upcoming 'Green Lantern.' Call us old-fashioned, but maybe some comic book characters are better left on paper, rather than spoiling our childhood memories on the big screen. Our first impressions of the film -- albeit from an early trailer whose special effects appeared, shall we say, unfinished -- were 1) beyond geeky, and 2) Ryan Reynolds in green tights?

Some of the folks over at Cinema Blend had the same thoughts, but they slowly changed their minds after seeing more of the trailers for the June 17 release, which we herewith present for you after the jump. Apparently some of the action sequences -- in particular the colossal battle with Parallax -- wiped out the silly green images from some of the earlier clips.

If you're not a diehard Green Lantern fan, you can stop reading now. According to io9, actor Nick Jones plays a character in the movie named John Stewart, the name of a character who just so happens to be a future incarnation of the Green Lantern. We're not up on Green Lantern lore, but according to io9, "In the comics, of course, Stewart becomes Hal Jordan's 'understudy' as GL, and eventually replaces Hal when Hal decides to quit to focus on his lucrative 'traveling salesman' gig." And according to the site, Jones "seemed optimistic that Stewart would eventually get his own ring in a future movie."

But only if Reynolds gets tired of those tights.
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