Ever notice that paranormal activity and kids have a way of finding each other in a lot of movies? Take this week's release 'Super 8,' for instance. The sci-fi thriller directed by J.J. Abrams features spooky things happening around a small town in Ohio following a mysterious train accident caught on film by a group of kids.

The kids suspect something weird about the train crash and begin investigating. Meanwhile, people in their town start disappearing and all of the dogs inexplicably run away. As the kids (played by Elle Fanning and newcomer Joel Courtney, among others) are trying to figure out what may or may not have escaped from the train, the local deputy (Kyle Chandler, 'Friday Night Lights') begins his own quest for the truth.

The kids are the primary characters while adults take on secondary roles, a la popular '80s Amblin Entertainment flicks like 'The Goonies' and 'E.T.' The Amblin vibe is no accident: 'Super 8' is an Amblin co-production, along with Abrams' Bad Robot Productions.
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Super 8
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