In true Errol Morris form, it's time to get excited for another documentary about the strangest of subjects you've heard of and probably won't be able to look away from.

'Tabloid' follows the story of one Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming who fell in love with a Mormon, kidnapped him from the Church of Latter Day Saints in England, and had sex with him for three days so that she could have him all to herself without all that religion stuff getting in the way. Eventually she got arrested because the Mormon started going on about how the whole kidnapping thing wasn't consensual, and McKinney found herself eating up the spotlight as the U.K.'s biggest accidental celebrity.

For a director who's made a career out of finding the most backwoods, bizarro stories and turning them into some of the most well-made, compelling movies you'll ever see, Joyce McKinney sounds like the perfect focus for Oscar-winner Errol Morris.

One of those stories you just have to hear for yourself, so hit the jump and do just that by checking out the trailer.