Jason Bateman has been on a big-screen acting binge but you wouldn't know it. The king of low-key and easy-to-overlook roles has co-starred in more than a dozen films since his stint on 'Arrested Development' ended in 2006, and now -- if talks with Universal pan out -- he's going to team up with Vince Vaughn in 'The Insane Laws,' a comedy that will be directed by screenwriter Jeremy Garelick ('The Break-Up').

According to Deadline, the film revolves around two best friends (played by Vaughn and Bateman) who have shared landmark life events, from college to marriage to having kids. But their relationship gets rocky when their kids go off to college and Vaughn's daughter and Bateman's son fall in love and share a bed together, resulting in her pregnancy. (What else have Bateman and Vaughn shared? Jennifer Aniston as a co-star. Of course, who in Hollywood hasn't?)
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