'Super 8' is a super nostalgic trip back to 1979, when Harvest Gold refrigerators were in every kitchen and every kid had a 'Star Wars' poster on his or her wall. Retro details like that (and, of course, the warm Spielbergian glow), help make the movie feel like it really takes place somewhere between 'Close Encounters' and 'E.T.'

But a few possible anachronisms caught our eye: Were Rubik's cubes really around that early? What about that Walkman with which the oblivious gas station attendant grooves to Blondie's 'Heart of Glass?'

We've done the research for you: Keep reading to see what's dead on and what's a little off, time-wise. (No, we're not fact-checking the sci-fi angles or whether five kids and their car could escape a horrific train crash with little more than a scrape.) Mild spoilers for the film.