Freddie Highmore is just 19, but he's already romanced Madonna. Emma Roberts is a mere 20, but she's already played several romantic leads (like her aunt Julia) and psychos and killers (like her father Eric).

Both young actors have had fascinating, high-profile careers without falling into the usual child-star traps. Both come from showbiz families and have been acting most of their lives. Both got their first big break working opposite Johnny Depp in bleak tales of loss and tragedy. And now, both are appearing in 'The Art of Getting By,' an offbeat romantic drama opening on Friday, June 17, in limited release.

The film stars Highmore (still probably best known for his early work in 'Finding Neverland' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory') as a New York City high school slacker who's used to doing the bare minimum (hence the title). Roberts (who's gone from 'Nancy Drew' to 'Scream 4') plays the more studious girl he has a crush on. They strike up an unlikely friendship, which progresses in unexpected ways.

Both young actors come to the film with surprisingly long and varied resumes full of acclaimed performances. Here are some of the highlights of the careers that brought them to this point.
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The Art of Getting By
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