There's a bevy of battles on the home entertainment front this week, from sci-fi to horror to comedy. First up the marines battle invincible aliens in the appropriately titled 'Battle: Los Angeles.' Then the townspeople of a small medieval village must battle a werewolf who's hungry for human flesh in 'Red Riding Hood.' And, lastly, the battle of the sexes rears its head in the comedy 'Hall Pass.' Read on.
Hall Pass
Based on 36 critics

Two men get permission from their wives to spend one week doing whatever they please. Read More

Red Riding Hood
Based on 36 critics

A woman (Amanda Seyfried) learns that she has a connection to the werewolf tormenting her village. Read More

Battle: Los Angeles
Based on 35 critics

A Marine officer (Aaron Eckhart) and his platoon make a daring stand against alien invaders. Read More

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