Right in the midst of a blockbuster spring filled with superpowers, Spandex and wizards at war, the new Woody Allen movie was the last thing any of us expected to defy the odds, garner rave reviews and make a splash that's only getting bigger by the day. So, now that it did well enough to migrate out of the indie theaters and earn a wide release on July 10, we figured it was about time we saw this little underdog for ourselves to see what's got everyone buying tickets.

In a nutshell, shame on us for ever doubting Woody.

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Midnight in Paris
Based on 40 critics

A writer (Owen Wilson) travels back in time and rubs elbows with cultural giants in 1920s Paris. Read More

In Theaters on May 28th, 1997

A rejected New Yorker (Woody Allen) leads a banana-republic revolt. Read More