We finally have an official movie poster for the long-awaited 'Straw Dogs' remake, and it's (almost) everything we could have hoped for. The poster is a take off the iconic Dustin Hoffman one-sheet from the original movie where he dons a broken pair of eyeglasses. In the new one, James Marsden replaces him with the same pose, only now with more Alexander Skarsgård. His look isn't quite as off-putting as Hoffman's, but he still manages to bring a certain level of creepiness that's needed for a story like this.

Hit the jump to see the a full comparison of the two posters.
Straw Dogs
In Theaters on November 1st, 2002

Mathematician (Dustin Hoffman) turns violent when brutes hit home, rape wife (Susan George). Read More

Straw Dogs
Based on 29 critics

Locals in a woman's Mississippi hometown push her screenwriter husband into violent retaliation. Read More

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