It may have taken a while, but it looks like Ryan Reynolds has elevated his status from Canada's favorite sharp-witted pretty boy to bona fide Hollywood movie star. The former Mr. Alanis is headlining a major summer blockbuster, 'Green Lantern,' and he reportedly beat out some pretty stiff competition to land the role.

The 'Green Lantern' coup followed the surprise smash hit 'The Proposal,' where Reynolds proved he could co-headline a rom-com with the likes of industry heavyweight Sandra Bullock. Looks like Ry-Rey has mastered all of the genres that count at the box office, from frat-boy comedies to action flicks to rom-coms.

It's hard to think of another young actor who translates across genres so well. At one point I probably would have said James Franco could give Ry-Rey a run for his money, but he just may have worn out his welcome by trying to be a little too versatile. (More stoner flicks, less film school, Franco!)
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