Who's the weakest superhero? At this summer's box office, so far, it's 'Green Lantern.' While Hal Jordan's power ring can conjure up just about anything, including a box office victory on opening weekend, the film's debut scared up only $52.7 million, according to studio estimates, marking the lowest opening of any of this summer's superhero sagas so far.

Expectations for the film had been a little higher, in the upper 50s, thanks to rising star Ryan Reynolds, a long-established fan base for the DC Comics character, 3D surcharges, and about a year's worth of hype. But the movie's reviews were poor and its word-of-mouth weak, and its emphasis on visuals over story and character may have contributed to this summer's ongoing box office backlash against superfluous 3D movies. So the film couldn't muster enough green energy to surpass the debuts of 'X-Men: First Class' (which opened with $55.1 million) or 'Thor' ($65.7 million.)
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