We haven't heard a lot on the 'Star Trek 2' front, what with director J.J. Abrams spending his time promoting 'Super 8.' However, William Shatner does have some news about the blockbuster sequel: he (unfortunately) won't be in it.

Shatner. who was a little peeved about not getting a cameo in the first 'Star Trek,' announced his non-involvement at the Calgary Comic Expo during a Q+A session: "I have become an acquaintance of J.J. as of late but I'm afraid no...I will not be in Star Trek 2."

Former Trek star Leonard Nimoy (who played a huge role in the first film) will also not be returning for the franchise's next film. Last year, Nimoy stated that he was ready to retire from acting and that his cameo on the show 'Fringe' would be his final role.

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