Let's play a game. Watch the teaser for the new Pedro Almodovar film, 'The Skin I Live In,' (aka 'La Piel Que Habito') and try to guess what it's about because, truthfully, we don't have a clue. Well, until we read a few reviews of the film.

Antonio Banderas, who last worked with Almodovar in the 1991 flick 'Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!', stars as Dr. Robert Ledgard, a plastic surgeon who's researching the creation of stronger skin after his wife was burned in a car accident and chose to die rather than to live with the scars.

By the looks of the clip (and the image above), there's a lot more to Banderas's character than appears at first glance. He might even be keeping a woman hostage to use as his test subject for the new skin.

Check out the creepy teaser below.