Because so much went left unsaid in the first movie, we now have our hands on the first trailer and poster for the upcoming 'Footloose' remake that's currently set for an October 14, 2011 release date. Directed by Craig Brewer of 'Black Snake Moan' and 'Hustle & Flow' fame and starring newcomer Kenny Wormald in the rebellious lead role that once made Kevin Bacon a star, it looks like Paramount is doing an interesting job of updating this thing for a new generation.

For those who haven't seen the original 'Footloose' (in which case you haven't lived), the story revolves around a city boy named Ren MacCormack who moves into the upstanding, Midwest town of Bomont where loud music and dancing have been outlawed by a local Reverend in the wake of a car accident that took the lives of five teens just three years prior. But since this MacCormack isn't exactly simpatico with figures of authority, he takes it upon himself to change the town's ways by rebelling through the power of loud and dance while falling for the Reverend's daughter in the process.

True story, only this time around MacCormack's got a Boston accent and all the kids can dance better than the cast of 'Fame.'

Hit the jump for the trailer and poster.
Footloose Movie Poster
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Footloose Movie Poster
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