We've still got two more years until the 'Crow' reboot actually comes out, but after far too many direct-to-DVD sequels that both tarnished the series' legitimacy and made the original seem that much more awesome, it's nice to see that Relativity Media's taking this one seriously. After getting Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ('28 Weeks Later') to direct and Bradley Cooper to star, the latest update is comes in the form of 'Watchmen' scribe Alex Tse being hired as the screenwriter. (He's also onboard to write the live-action adaptation of 'Ninja Scroll' sometime in the future.)

For those unfamiliar, 'The Crow' is about a group of thugs who kill a rocker and his fiancee the night before their Halloween wedding. One year later, a crow shows up on the rocker's headstone, bringing him back to life and making him invulnerable to physical harm, since he's technically still dead and all. With vengeance on his mind and a new set of creepy leather duds, our undead antihero heads out to kill the guys who sent him and his wife-to-be to the grave. Not sure how cool that sounds from a layman's perspective, but trust us -- it's a great movie and one of director Alex Proyas's best.