It's hard to imagine Cameron Diaz playing a teacher. That is, until you hear the teacher is rude, crude, lewd and hot for Justin Timberlake, which sounds more aligned with the roles we're used to seeing the goofy, action-loving actress tackle.

'Bad Teacher' hits theaters this week, and features Diaz as, well, basically the complete opposite of the passionate Ms. Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer) in 'Dangerous Minds.' Diaz's Ms. Halsey is more interested in chasing the cute (and rich) new substitute, played by Timberlake, than she is in developing young minds.

Lucy Punch ('Dinner for Schmucks') plays Diaz's biggest rival for JT's affections, while Jason Segel ('Forgetting Sarah Marshall') co-stars as a gym teacher who wouldn't mind a piece of Ms. Halsey for himself. Diaz's greedy character will do anything to land JT as her latest sugar daddy, including saving up for a boob job to help catch his eye.
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