Fans of 'The Expendables' and everyone who still likes watching Jason Statham do his 'Transporter' shtick, get excited because this bad boy is right up your alley.

'Killer Elite' seems to be about a government assassin played by Clive Owen who's trying to capture and interrogate a vigilante assassin played by Jason Statham. But when Statham starts making Owen's life difficult, Owen kidnaps Statham's mentor, (Robert De Niro). Statham doesn't take too kindly to this turn of events, so he tries to turn the tables on Owen in the hopes of getting De Niro back in one piece. Cue 'Rock You Like a Hurricane.'

In a nutshell, it's lots of punching, lots of shooting, and it's all done by three actors who could probably kick your ass with a hard sneeze. Sounds promising.

'The Killer Elite' is set for a Sept. 23, 2011 release date, hit the jump for the full trailer.
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