Just look at him, sliding down that building like the heartthrob he is. Yeah, you Twihards know what we're talking about.

If you haven't seen the trailer, 'Abduction' follows Taylor Lautner as a high schooler with two loving parents who one day stumbles upon a picture of himself on a missing-persons website and quickly comes to the realization that the people he's always believed to be his parents are actually anything but. He gets the hell out of dodge, brings his main squeeze (Lily Collins) along for the ride and tries to piece together his identity while avoiding the trained killers who are trying their best to give him a good old dirt nap.

It's like 'Hanna' mixed with 'The Bourne Identity,' only with more abs. Get excited, ladies.

Directed by John Singleton ('Boyz N the Hood') and set for a Sept. 23, 2011, release, hit the jump to see the full poster.
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A youth (Taylor Lautner) learns that the folks who raised him are not his real parents. Read More