'Cars 2,'
this summer's Pixar entry, hits theaters today. (See our review here.) Moviefone was lucky enough to talk with the animated sequel's star, Larry the Cable Guy, who plays trusty ol' pickup Mater.

We got to ask him about meeting real-life cable guys named Larry, what comedians he loves and the appeal of performing in kids movies. Enjoy!

Moviefone: In the movie, Mater goes to a fancy party and he makes some faux pas. Did you relate to that coming up in Hollywood?
Larry the Cable Guy: Oh man, I've been to a lot of parties for Comedy Central and, look, when you do anything out here they always have a wrap party. So I have been to parties and that's [how] I voiced Mater at that thing -- I took from my experience at all those. I feel really out of place at those things. I'm not a party guy and I'm not a Hollywood guy either.