What do you do when you decide the first trailer for your upcoming movie gives away too much? Simple: You release a second trailer with less information. We assume that that was the thinking behind the newest footage from 'Apollo 18.'

In this trailer, we see the same setup as before: NASA ended their Apollo missions at 17. However, there was a highly classified 18th mission, where the team was sent into space without explicitly being told what to expect. Now, moviegoers are finally getting a look at the lost footage.

Although the first clip showed us a little more of what we can expect going in, this second trailer does a better job of setting things up. We don't see much, and that's the point. (Good recent examples of this were the ad campaigns for 'Super 8' and 'Cloverfield.')

'Apollo 18' is due in theaters Sept. 2. Hit the jump to check out the full trailer.
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