Once you've sat through 'Black Swan' and all the leg-crunching, schizophrenic horror it throws your way from beginning to end, that's probably all the evidence you'll need to conclude that screenwriter Mark Heyman is a creepy dude. Who knows what he's like in real life, but when it comes to movies, he might a well be wearing a strait jacket. With that being said, we're pretty excited to hear that one of his upcoming projects, 'XOXO,' sounds like it'll be tapping right into that crazy brain of his.

From what we've heard so far, 'XOXO' is about a guy who strikes up a relationship with a girl he meets online, but then she turns out to be nuts and starts obsessively stalking him. Sounds like a mix between 'Catfish' and 'Fatal Attraction,' and as long as it's done well, that's A-okay by us.

Still now word on any of the specifics or a release date since Heyman is already signed up to write 'Machine Man' and 'The Skeleton Twins' in the coming years, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled.

So what do you folks think of 'XOXO'?
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