Now here's a casting combo we didn't see coming: Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé may star in Clint Eastwood's remake of the oft-told showbiz tale 'A Star is Born.'

We don't know where to start with this one: DiCaprio in a musical? Eastwood directing a musical? The last time he had anything to do with singing and dancing, it was the '60s fiasco 'Paint Your Wagon' and also featured the decidedly non-musical Lee Marvin. (Here's a clip of Clint singing.)

We're just going to check out 'Inception' style totem to make sure we're not dreaming.

According to Deadline, it's all true, though: Eastwood's already working with DiCaprio in 'Hoover,' about FBI head honcho J. Edgar Hoover, which seems to be in more familiar territory for the man who brought us 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'Unforgiven.'
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