After one green band trailer that gave us a tame look into the world of 'Horrible Bosses,' we now have ourselves a swear-laden, raunchy, red band trailer that gives us a far more accurate idea of what to expect when this hits theaters on Friday, July 8.

If you haven't seen a trailer yet, 'Horrible Bosses' is about three friends who love their jobs but hate the evil people they work for. Eventually, going to work gets to be flat-out intolerable and they decide to hire a guy to advise them on how to kill their bosses. Lo and behold, their murder plans don't exactly go according to plan, and they find themselves just trying to keep their head above water without getting offed or arrested in the process. It's directed by Seth Gordon, stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day as the three friends, and co-stars Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston as their respective bosses.

Hit the jump for the NSFW trailer.
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Horrible Bosses
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