After unsuccessfully trying to get this project off the ground back in 2006, it looks like Jeff Bridges and producer Nikki Silver are giving 'The Giver' another go.

Based on the award-winning young-adult novel of the same name, 'The Giver' is the story of a young man named Jonas who lives in a seemingly utopian society that's devoid of war or poverty, and where no one remembers life ever being otherwise. On his 12th birthday, Jonas is chosen to take on the mantle of the Giver -- the one person in charge of remembering the past. As he begins his tutelage with the existing, elderly Giver, Jonas begins to uncover the ugly truth behind the pain-free world he lives in.

For those of us who have loved the book since the day we were assigned it in third grade, this news has us elated. Not only is it a timeless and powerful story to begin with, but we couldn't imagine anyone better to play the aging Giver than The Dude.

Hit the jump to see what Bridges had to say about bringing the classic novel to the big screen.
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