The major theatrical releases coming to home video this week are a real disappointment. 'Sucker Punch,' the latest outing by Zack Snyder, is a disjointed exploitation film starring a quintet of scantily-clad girls living in an alternate reality; 'Beastly' is an adolescent take on 'Beauty and the Beast' that tries to modernize the parable with mixed results; and 'Season of the Witch,' a supernatural action thriller in which a motley crew of 14th century warriors transport a witch to an abbey to end the Black Plague, is so low on the expectation totem pole that it actually succeeds by not trying to be more than it is: fluff. The best bet for the week: 'Barney's Version,' a genuine piece of cinematic art that entertains your heart and stimulates higher brain functions at the same time; and the long-awaited Blu-ray edition of 'The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition,' with all three films on 15 discs with more than 26 hours of special features. Read on.
Season of the Witch Movie Poster
Season of the Witch
Based on 27 critics

His faith broken by many years fighting in the Crusades, a knight named Behman (Nicolas Cage) returns... Read More

Sucker Punch Movie Poster
Sucker Punch
Based on 29 critics

Locked away, a young woman named Babydoll (Emily Browning) retreats to a fantasy world where she is free... Read More

Beastly Movie Poster
Based on 26 critics

After a spurned classmate curses him, a teen will be forever ugly unless he finds love. Read More

Barney's Version Movie Poster
Barney's Version
Based on 33 critics

Toward the end of his life, Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti) looks back on his triumphs and tragedies,... Read More

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