Hollywood mogul Sam Goldwyn had a litmus test for determining if a movie was a dog: If he squirmed in his seat, the movie stunk. The folks at Disney go in the opposite direction: They put their butts in a Disneyland ride and if they squirm, well, they'll make it into a movie.

In the case of 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' it worked remarkably well. The four films in the franchise have brought in $3.7 billion worldwide. A previous outing at cashing in on a ride, 2003's 'The haunted Mansion,' while not a flop, wasn't the blockbuter the studio had hoped for.

Now the studio is developing an adventure movie project inspired by the Disneyland Matterhorn attraction, a bobsled-type ride that opened in 1959 and has consistently been one of the park's major attractions.
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