Johnny Depp has worn a lot of hats in the movies (and not just as the Mad Hatter): He's played a bank robber, drug dealer, policeman, barber, novelist, CIA agent, chocolatier, and, of course, pirate. Now he may add magician to the list.

Depp is reportedly at the top of Warner Bros.' wish list to play the lead character in 'Carter Beats the Devil, as real-life 1920s magician Charles Carter in a fictional caper involving President Warren G. Harding and a sawed-in-half trick gone wrong.

Attempts have been made before to bring the 2002 novel by Glen David Gold to the screen (Tom Cruise was once attached), but now the film is back on the fast track. Trying to picture Depp in the role? Imagine him in a tux and a turban, instead of a top hat, as in the book's cover illustration.
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