Wheee! Scooters are fun! This midlife crisis thing ain't so bad.

Instead of chasing young tail and bandying about in leathers on a newly purchased motorcycle, Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is handling his midlife crisis by enrolling in community college and squiring/escorting teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts) around town on his cool blue Vespa in this week's release 'Larry Crowne.' (Before we continue, can we stop for a moment to examine the name Mercedes Tainot? Seriously? Who came up with that one? But I digress.)

Larry Crowne's crisis begins when he's canned from his retail job for not having a college education. After he's unable to land another retail gig, he decides to give college, well, the ol' college try. Upon arriving at the school, he's inexplicably cajoled by the dean into taking a class on the art of casual conversation. Because, sure, that's gonna help him become more marketable in a cut-throat job market. But whatever. It's taught by pretty Mrs. Tainot, so Larry Crowne is happy.
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Larry Crowne
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