Monte Carlo

'Monte Carlo'
Directors:Thomas Bezucha
Rated: PG for brief mild language ("ass," "idiot," "frak," etc.)
Starring:Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy, Cory Monteith
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Common Sense Media rating: 9+

Moviefone Mama Says: This is exactly the kind of modern-day fairytale that's irresistible for tween and young-teen girls. It's the equivalent of a soft-serve cone on a blazing summer day -- a quick little treat that momentarily hits the spot, even if it's not a particularly rich dessert. Who doesn't want the chance to pretend they're a jet-setting heiress with an amazing wardrobe and a hotel suite bigger than many suburban homes? As the identity-stealing Grace, Selena Gomez is predictably cute and bubbly, but she and her two traveling companions -- stick-in-the-mud stepsister Meg (Meester) and impetuous homecoming queen-turned-waitress Emma (Cassidy) -- have Serious Life Lessons to learn too. So if you want to see an inoffensive romantic fairytale starring three lovely and sparkly couples, this is dependably short and sweet.