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Every so often, an actor comes along who has a knack for playing excitable wildcards prone to random outbursts, outrageous comments and even the occasional temper tantrum.

Charlie Day is one of those actors. This week, we get to see the talented 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' star on the big screen in 'Horrible Bosses,' playing Jennifer Aniston's assistant/prey named Dale. Aniston's naughty character will do anything to get into innocent little Dale's pants, including semi-nude meetings and a constant barrage of inappropriate come-ons. Fed up with the non-stop harassment, Dale makes a pact with his equally disgruntled best buds (Jason Bateman and Jason Sudekis) to kill all three of their bosses. (Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell are both hilarious as the other two bosses from hell.)

Day has accumulated a loyal fan base during his stint on 'Sunny' as the loveable screw-up Charlie Kelly. Charlie is the wildcard that every gang or group needs (along with "Looks" and a "Brain"). And what a wildcard he is -- you never know when Charlie's gonna bust out his Green Man suit, huff some glue, snort some coke or scrawl in his dream journal. He's so crazy, he might even write and produce a musical!
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