Losing your job is usually pretty damn traumatic, but in the recent wave of recession-themed movies like 'Larry Crowne' and 'The Company Men,' it's just the first step in creating a happier, more fulfilled life than you had in the first place.Yeah, right.

While we appreciate Hollywood's attempt to sympathize with us common folk who are struggling to make ends meet, seeing Tom Hanks or Ben Affleck turn their lay-offs into life lessons makes for an uneasy mix of economics and escapism. We love a happy ending as much as anybody, but a lot of those happily ever afters ring more than a little false.

Of course, Hollywood tends to find a big fat silver lining in just about everything, whether it's getting left at the altar or shot in the head, so upbeat movies about job less aren't a big shock. If you want gritty realism on the financial crisis, rent a documentary.
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Larry Crowne
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