'Zookeeper,' arriving in theaters today, finally gives audiences the comedy team-up they've been demanding for a long time: the portly but spry Kevin James cracking jokes with Bernie, the walking, talking, TGI Friday's-loving gorilla.

In the movie, James stars as Griffin Keyes, the titular zookeeper caught in a love triangle between Leslie Bibb and Rosario Dawson. Griffin's track record with women has always been less than stellar -- which prompts the animal kingdom to break their code of silence and help the zookeeper master the art of seduction (think 'Hitch' by way of 'Dr. Doolittle').

Moviefone sat down with James, Dawson, and Bibb to talk about bad breakups, their mating rituals and why they are positive Kevin James could take Robert Downey Jr. in a fight. Then stick around for the main course, an exclusive sit-down interview with Hollywood's most buzzed-about new star: Bernie the gorilla.
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Kindhearted Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) is one of the best-loved caretakers at the Franklin Park Zoo,... Read More