It'll be bald-on-bald action as two of cinema's most badass action stars, Michael Chiklis and Jason Statham, go head to shiny head for 'Parker.'

Chiklis has been mostly playing good guys since wrapping his iconic role as Vic Mackey on 'The Shield,' now he returns to the dark side with a role as a villain opposite antihero Statham, who's playing the anithero of the title.

And Jennifer Lopez has been focusing more on judging than acting, but she's in talks for the female lead.

The character was created by series of novels by Donald E. Westlake and has previously been played by Lee Marvin in 'Point Blank' and Mel Gibson in 'Payback.' This filmwill tell a different story than either of those films, and is said to be inspired by the first Parker novel 'The Hunter' and 'Flashfire.'
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