He plays a white supremacist on TV, but Walton Goggins has just been cast as a pro-abolition Democrat in Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln.'

Goggins, who co-stars as colorful small-town criminal Boyd Crowder on 'Justified,' will play Ohio Congressman Wells A. Hutchins, a progressive Democrat who went against his party to side with Lincoln and support the Thirteenth Amendment.

The prestige pic will star Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln, and David Strathairn, as Secretary of State William Seward.

Spielberg will start shooting in Virginia in the fall, for a late 2012 release.

Goggins next appears in 'Cowboys & Aliens,' followed by Straw Dogs' in September.

Before 'Justified,' Goggins starred opposite Michael Chiklis on 'The Shield' as Vic Mackey's BFF turned bitter enemy, Shane Vendrell.

[via Deadline]
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